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Welcome to Vive Communication

Our world revolves round a core team of professionals that takes every challenge on its own merit. Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Art Director, Media Planners, PR Executives, Event Managers, Service Executives, Office Administrators take it upon their shoulders (not to forget their brains and hands) to execute the jobs on hand with just the right impact.

Being new in the block does n't necessarily meant novice. For those who know us, that is enough for them. For the rest our work should do the talking. For us our clients are everything and we leave no stone unturned while converting the brief to workable solutions that bring returns.

VIVE Mart Ltd.

The company is launching 250 retail stores as "VIVE Mart" in major cities.We will launch some exclusive brands under this format.

Digital Advertising

Next 'sun rise' medium of advertising is still to realise its enormous potential. The technology, reach of the medium (be it mobile or internet) and its instant response possibility together makes...
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Media Planning & Buying

We toil hard to serve you the right media combination for your marketing activities, strategically balancing different media tools available at a local and national level to maximise....
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Celebrity & Brand Endorsement

To find out which famous personality matches with your company's or brand's personality and how well that personality can be managed to your company's or brand's advantage...
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Brand Management

People first go by face value followed by inner strength. Establishing your brand and maintaining the brand value at every point of contact in order to perpetuate your company's image of 'standing upto your promise...
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Social Responsibilities

The real communication is always a two way traffic. No scope for any gap. Gap gives rise to rumours. Rumours to perceptions. And perceptions take time to break. By the time it is broken, damage is already done...
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